Offer Period

This offer will be valid from the 17th of December 2019 until the 30th of June 2020. After this period of time, this offer will expire. If you have referred a client to Tim Gardner Creative between the dates described and would like to save your discount for later use, your discount will be valid through to December 30 2020. Please see redemption terms below for more information.

Use Of Offer:

This offer can be applied to:

.Event Photography Services

.Event Videography Services

.Brand Videography Services

.Video & Photographic Post-Production Services

.Post-Production Training

Offer Minumum

The minimum order total by which the 25% discount can be applied is $300.00 AUD. If the order total is less than this amount, the discount will not be applied.

Terms Of Acceptance

Tim Gardner Creative provides no guarantee that the requested services by the referer or the referee will be accepted. All requested services must be rendered under Tim Gardner Creative’s Service Agreements.You can request a generic copy of this agreement by contacting Tim Gardner Creative. The terms of this agreement will vary based on the services provided and the condition by which they are provided under.


If the refereer or the referee cancel the booking prior to the agreed date, the discount will be terminated.


The 25% discount in this offer will be applied and activated when the referee makes a full payment to Tim Gardner Creative for the services agreed too.


Tim Gardner Creative does not guarantee the availability of any dates between the 17th of December 2019 and the 30th of December 2020. You may request an up to date availability from Tim Gardner Creative. This availability is subject to change at any given point in time and by acceptance of this offer, you agree that Tim Gardner Creative is not liable for holding any availability until a minimum 50% deposit is paid of the discounted amount.


The offer can be redeemed within the time period described in (1) by contacting Tim Gardner Creative regarding the requested work and booking dates. The discount can either be applied to a booking made by the referer or the referee.

DOUBLE referral

The referee cannot refer their original referrer.

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I Want To Refer

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